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Opening Delay  Pete Kilgannon 16th August 2005

At the Site Meeting this morning, the contractors disclosed that they could not be sure of clearing the site by the time of the proposed opening date of October 15th. A new works plan has been drawn up for the remainder of the project, adding a further 6 weeks (from 21 to 27 weeks) and all those booked for the opening have been put on hold. Due to the uncertainty (this is the second proposed opening date cancellation), the Church House Project Management have been forced to delay naming a new date until at least mid September, when hopefully the contractors will have a more certain idea of completion.

In the meantime, there is plenty of work in terms of the planning for and purchasing of furniture and equipment together with the progressing of all the educational display and media. The marketing sub committee are busy making arrangements for handling the publicity and facility bookings. with particular emphasis on training and team building 'away days' and for local art and craft exhibitions. Others are working on directional signs (and the accompanying permissions) and on the arrangements for the brewing and marketing of "Church Ale".

Having made a trip to Bodmin Moor to get background photos from the quarry of our stonemason Ian Piper, I am now looking forward to similar visits to the carpenter's joinery and, probably with even greater relish, the the brewery to see the Church Ale being made.

Ian Piper's Quarry on Bodmin Moor

The rocky path up to the quarry
A rock mover
Ian starts to split a granite rock
Granite waiting to become useful
Some worked blocks of stone
A granite plinth for an information sign
A rock carved "Oak Tree Surgery"
Peter decorates a stone
A view of Peter and Ian from inside
Ian makes a second split
The stone saw table
A lake in the quarry

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