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Archive 13 - November 2005

Have I got old news for you!     pete kilgannon 13th November 2005

While seaching the archives for the dates of some material for the completed Church House display, I discovered that I had never put the thermal imaging research onto this site, although I had published it on the local village site. The next planned news, before the report of the official re-opening, is to cover the work of our main contractors Darrock & Brown. Until I can get that together and to ensure this research is included on the site archives, I reproduce the report below.

Robert Demaus assembles his equipment

Waiting for the equipment to cool down
The builders are now in Church House , knocking down partitions, removing ceilings, chipping out mortar.

What they can't see is behind the walls and for this a Thermal Imaging expert Robert Demaus was called in.

First the equipment must be cooled down to a very low temperature because it works by detecting temperature changes.

Next it was carried into the building and set up ready for action.

Some of the imaging equipment
Equipment laid out on the Church House floor
Robert explains his work to the architect
Discussing what needs to be done
Robert explains his procedures to Allen Van der Steen, the architect and the builders.

A visual check is made on an alcove that was thought might have been a window

The Imager will be able to detect any previous opening in the wall.

Looking at an apparent blocked up window
The thermal imaging camera at work
Focussing on an interesting wall
The wall Robert was investigating

Robert must now continue all round the room and then move from room to room

Finally he will take all the film back to his laboratory and produce his report for the Church House Management Committee

A view of the rear of Church House from the church graveyard

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