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Archive 3 - December 2004

Investigation starts on roof timbers Pete Kilgannon, 5th December 2004

On Thursday the 2nd of December, the roof was once again the subject of investigation. This time it was by Ian Tyers, the
denrochronologist (tree ring dating expert) who proceeded to bore several holes right through selected roof timbers, extracting the cores to investigate for dating purposes. As with the thatch, the process starts with careful notes, this time of the location of the proposed holes. A marker is put in place and the hole drilled. Then the core is extracted from the drill and carefully marked, noted and put safely away.The final act is to fill and re-colour the hole to leave the site looking undisturbed.o leave the siteact is toof the location

Ian Tyers sitting making notes of hole boring sites
a timber marked with a paper hole locator
Ian up ladder fixing hole marker
Ian Tyers up ladder drilling hole
close up of drill bit cutting into rafter
Ian holding the drilled wooden core extracted from rafter
marking the sample with felt tip pen
making note of date, time, location, etc.
Ian Tyers refilling hole with wood plug

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