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Archive 6 - February 2005

Deep Thatch Samples      Pete Kilgannon 7th Feburary 2005

The next stage of the investigation got underway on the 7th Febuary. Local builder Keith Redstone erected a scaffold tower and hook ladder to provide access and John Letts came to take a deep sample of thatch.

Malcolm Hayes then patched in the sample hole with reed and the ladder and scaffolding were removed.

All in a day's work!

Scaffolding on face of Church House
Chatting with thatcher of nearby house roof
The top of the scaffolding
John takes photos of the view from Church House roof top
Moss on the thatch
John records the thatch before starting work
Descending the ladder
preparing the bag to take the recovered thatch
starting to dig the trench
the new reed arrives
A site discussion with David Youle
A view of the reed from above
John reaches over to extract the thatch
The extracted thatch is sent into the capture bag
A bagged sample is sent to the ground
John working seen from the other side of the square
A side view of Church House with the new reed delivery parked in front
John fills the first of three large bags
Standing back to review the trench
John photographs the inside of the trench
... and notes the details on a voice recorder
David Youle goes up the ladder to consult with John
View of the foot of the scaffolding
Steps in the trench
Malcolm Hayes and assistant start to re-thatch
Malcolm with reed in hand
Carrying the reed to place in position
Malcolm discusses a point with his assistant
Tapping the reed into place
The trench is half re-filled again

Cynthia Gaskell Brown found the following link to an interesting article by John Letts for British Archaeology

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