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The Continuing Work      Pete Kilgannon 12th January 2006

The major work being completed now is the composition, design and production of the Guide Book and an Introductory leaflet. Having waited for a time when the weather was pleasant and when no cars were parked in front of the building, it was finally possible to get a few suitable photographs for illustration. The work is being authored by Cynthia Gaskell Brown and then being passed to Viv Townsend of Jumbo Design Solutions, Bovey Tracey for production.

Another piece of work in progress is the production of the 'snagging list' for the building contractors. It is only when the building comes into use, that certain small problems come to light, which need to be remedied. So far nothing major has cropped up but our moist Dartmoor weather has revealed a small leak and practice has shown the need for some revised door furniture.

The Management Committee is now in the process of being reconstituted. With the completion of the restoration project, a different set of aims and therefore expertise needs have to be met. The major aim of the Committee is to ensure that enough revenue is raised, not only to meet running costs but to cover future maintenance and repair.

The Committee is seeking members with experience and/or contacts to ensure a programme of lettings and fund raising activities to generate the required sums. If you are interested and motivated to contribute and have the required public relations and fund raising skills, David Youle would be delighted to hear from you. In addition we do need an active Secretary!

Another area of work that is now being pursued is the recruitment and training of stewards to receive visitors on Sundays and Wednesdays, 11a.m. to 5 p.m. between April 2nd and October 29th.

You do not need to be available for all of that time but, if you could spend some hours helping with our visitors during those times, again David Youle would be very pleased to hear from you.

David has been busy organising the first in our series of monthly "Beacon Talks". The first is scheduled for 7.30 p.m. on Thursday March 30th and is by Dick Passmore on "The Theatre Royal, Exeter" . This will be followed at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday April 27th by Paul Rendell on "Industrial Archeology of Dartmoor" and 7.30 p.m. Thursday May 25th by Ian Brooker on "The Work and
Experiences of a Dartmoor Ranger". The date of the next talk is June 22nd, topic to be announced. On Saturday March 4th, a quiet day/retreat is booked. Anyone wanting to attend contact Rev. Michael Thayer for details on 01837 849048.


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