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Industrialisation in Agriculture Exhibition     Ron Andrews 9th June 2006


You may have read in 'The Beacon' or seen advertised on the Church House website, that Ron Andrews of South Tawton has an exhibition of 'conceptual art' running at Church House until 15th June 10am - 4pm.

I went along to takes some photos for the Church House website and, to be honest, having read the publicity, I was prepared for something rather pretentious. Having met and talked with Ron, I now know that he is far from that but rather is a very nice, gentle and sincere person trying to use his art to say something about the way we live today, as a result of industrialisation.

I asked him to write me a few words to go with these photos and this is what he wrote:

"The exhibition is an art installation that makes reference to the early dairy school and the presence of dairy maids in Church House, representative of groups of labour and class, that have now been replaced by a multitude of homogenised categories of people and products. Flowers and their packaging have an incongruous but related presence and a 16mm film depicting early science and agriculture provides atmosphere. "

I have tried to capture the essence of Ron's exhibition, but do go along and see it for yourself if you can.

Horses at work
Ron Andrews explains a point
16mm Film Projector
Film Clip - The Soya Bean
ICI Adverts
Horse Power
Tractor Power
Dairy Maids
Dairy maids
Packaged Flowers
Machine Worker
Ron Andrews writing
As I was packing up to go, Ron pointed to the wall behind me. The sunlight was streaming in and the apparently clear glass was making some wonderful patterns from the light passing through it. Presumably this is due to the manufacturing process of the glass. Yet another example of the changes industrialisation has brought?
Light pattern


On-line Booking Form      Pete Kilgannon 4th June 2006

A software fault has been found (from the same fault being revealed on another website) which would have cause the form, that potential bookers of the site fill in, not to send the details on to us.

This has now been rectified and tested and the form is now working again. Apologies to anyone who may have made an application and heard nothing from us. If you haven't already contacted us in another way, be assured that the on-line form will work for you.

Church House Ale        Pete Kilgannon 4th June 2006

The first revival of the medieval revel "Church House Ale" took place on Monday May 29th. This should have been the following weekend at Whitsun, but another major event had already been planned for the area on that date. Everyone was holding their breath because, for the couple of weeks leading up to the day, had been continual rain. In a way, we were lucky in that the rain stopped on the day before but, in another way, we were unfortunate as the day was cold and windy whilst Whitsun was warm and sunny. However, there was good support from the locals and a fair sprinkling of visitors as well. Apart from the weather, everyone had a good time in the afternoon, the evening simple meal with lots of talking, music and dancing was really what a community occasion wants to be and, as a bonus, the whole event was financially profitable.

There is a meeting planned for the 13th June to discuss what went wrong, what went right and how we can make next year even better. There may possibly be a more formal report on the event after this. To save space, I have tried to put description and comment on the following photos on the 'alt tag'. If you want to know who is dancing, speaking etc. hover your cursor over the picture. I apologise for the technical quality of some photos as I was shooting video at the same time and missed some events so I had to 'capture' the lower quality still shot from the video. I hope the happy faces are worth a bit of blur.

The MC, Michael Thayer, introduces Lord and Lady May
Lord May officially opens the revels
Maypole dancing first ...
... by children ...
... from South Taewton School
Some older children join in
Possibly the ale begins to cheer ...
... or maybe it's just high spirits?
A demonstration of rope making skills
An exhibition of agricultural tools of an earlier age
Kids love animals ...
... the adults enjoy Church House Ale
Lambs from a local farm
Sheep brought by Clifford White
The famous King's Brawlers medieval dancers
The Brawlers dance with the public
Church House as a backdrop for the revels
Young dancers joining the fun
Keith Redstone provides the burgers
Exe Valley provide Church House Ale
A knight with a dog end
Caroline Boother organised the Maypole dancing
A view from Church House steps
A spinning demonstration
Church House mugs for sale
The potter listens to a protege
Broom dancing - one walks away!
The renowned Cogs and Wheels dancers
Michael dresses up for this part
The Tinner's Morris discuss tactics
The Cogs and Wheels entertain
Tinner's Morris put their plan into action
The view from inside the Seven Stars Inn
Ropemaker taking a rest
The Cogs and Wheels get aggressive
Anabelle Reynolds plays her harp
Waiting for their meal in the evening
Nora and Theresa prepare the meal
David Youle and friends
The Maypole

Further Information
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