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Kari McGowan's Painting Students      Pete Kilgannon 21st August 2006

Kari runs a series of painting courses using Church House as a base. During the weekend of 18th to 20th August, when the South Tawton Flower Festival was running in Saint Andrew's, Kari and her students put on an exhibition of their work.

My apologies to each artist for not being able to feature any particular paintings and also for only showing those people who happened to be stewarding at the time of my visit. I hope the following photos give a good idea of the scale and quality of the work on show.

the long view
the north east view
north west view
a south window
the east window
... and friend
the fireplace
man and cow
the east chamber
waiting for visitors
how about that one ...
or that ...
look at that
what do you think?
a rest after viewing

South Tawton History Group Archive      Pete Kilgannon 28th August 2006

The South Tawton and District History Group is fortunate to have a large archive of documents and photographs from the area which are normally stored away for safekeeping.

However, Meg Wolton and the group try, whenever possible, to make this valuable material available for the whole community (and any visitors) to be able to peruse. This is for several reasons - for people to be aware of their history and heritage but also so that, anyone interested in making further studies, will be able to see what is available for individual study at some later date.

As one of the regular displays of the Archive, Meg made the material available in Church house over the period 24th - 27th August. The following photographs just give a flavour of the exhibition.

the archive exhibition
stewards on the door
"The Beacon" magazine
view in a window
studying a photo
the "Oxenham" document
studying documents

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