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Pre Restoration Images

The front western stairs
Church House front view
The view from St Andrew's Church
Stairs to first floor

Winter sun
View from St Andrew's
St George fights the Moor
Minstrels play in front of Church House
16th Century Lords and Ladies dancing
St George fights for England

Church House minstrels
My Lords and Ladies
The smoke blackened thatch
the open first floor entrance door from inside
view of St Andrews from Church House window
Historic thatch

View of St Andrew's
John Christion, watercolourist and visitors to his exhibition
two lads on the outside steps looking out
visitor to art exhibition points out picture
John Christian exhibition

Looking out
Exhibition visitors
Church House and graveyard from air
First floor entrance with Heritage Lottery Fund banner on open day
Church House and St Andrew's from the air
Church House from the air

Heritage open days
Church House and St Andrew's
Harvest Festival diners on east and west steps of Church House
Harvest Festival diners at lunch
Pram Race watchers from Church House steps
Harvest festival photo call

Harvest festival lunch
Watching the Pram Race
Stooks (stacks) of straw intended for re-thatching of Church House
Lifting straw on pitchfork to top of threshing machine
threshing machine mechanism in action
Roofing straw stooks

The new thatch

Post Restoration Images


art class student
Royal Marine training

Watercolour Tuition Class

How to deal with problem people
Marine training

The Marines 'at ease'

Dick Passmore give an illustrated talk on the old Theatre Royal, Exeter for the first of the Church House Encounters

16mm projector for old film
Ron Andrews
Dairymaids who attended school at Church House
Ron Andrews put on a two week conceptual art exhibition about the changes brought about by the mechanisation of agriculture

The Kings Brawlers
Local lambs
Pottery demonstrations
Maypole dancing
Harp entertainment
Broom dancing
The Tinner's Morris
Evening meal
Cogs and Wheels dancers
The first revival of the medieval Church House Ale revel

John Christian and Kari McGowan Painting Course February 2nd 2008
Teaching assistants on Church House steps
Teaching assistants from Modbury and Yealmpton in the South to Hartland in the North and South Tawton Primary
STAG Exhibition
Visitors to the South Tawton Art Group exhibition during the Flower Festival
Duncan Rice exhibition "Animals as Landscape" September 1st - 10th 2008
Quartetto Misto - Cressida Jenkins (soprano and violinist), Lyn Jenkins (violinist),
James Lindsay (cellist and composer) and Suzanne Mahon (pianist)
- In concert April 19th
Church House stewards
boys stories
all dressed up
the food
girls stories
Theresa on the moor
Church House stewards Christmas party and Theresa Christian on the moor
theres been a murder
Murder Mystery 'thank you' dinner 28th March 1899
Gary and Maria's medieval wedding - 28th August 2009
wedding guests
14c straw ceiling
australian wedding
Carey "Australian" wedding reception
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